What are the best ways to lose weight?



  1. Give up sugar. 
  2. Easy on foods that turn to sugar (breads, pastas, pizza, fried potatoes).
  3. Start your day with warm to hot water with lemon. Helps get liver, gallbladder and digestive system releasing.
  4. Drink at least half your weight in ounces of water/day (best between meals).
  5. Chew food to a liquid. Will help you be satisfied with less, and help your body digest, absorb and eliminate faster.
  6. Use smaller plates, helps with portion control.



  1. unsweetened ginger tea. All help your body digest food.
  2. Cook from scratch, at the minimum go for premade meals that are real/few ingredients. Even Costco has pretty incredible looking family meals.
  3. Plan a weekly menu, then buy ingredients for that and those alone.
  4. Shop outer four walls of grocery store. That’s where most of the real food is.
  5. Never go grocery shopping on an empty stomach. Shop with your own bag or basket. NOT a shopping cart. Helps to buy no more than you can carry.
  6. Pack your own snacks AND water each and every time you will be gone, especially past mealtimes.
  7. Eat during hours that serve your body best (10-11am to 6-7pm).
  8. Know what foods are weight gainers for your blood type. For B+ corn is one. For O’s it’s wheat and dairy.
  9. Coffee enemas do more than help with pain and clean blood, they are INCREDIBLE for weight loss and natural healing of cancer. They are how Jack Osborne lost lots of weight, won in kickboxing AND beat his addictions. They are also what some holistic cancer clinics use. To the tune of FIVE/day. We crave what is in our blood, coffee enemas take that away. Be it food, drugs or alcohol. They are how I helped one get off three hardcore drugs. And what I use for pain.
  10. Sweat and movement. Excellent way to keep puffiness off and toxins out.



  1. Save treats for a special occasion (wedding, party, social gathering). They are not a treat if we are having daily.
  2. Treat everyday like a special occasion. Meaning, aim to look and feel your best every day instead of for an event of sorts. Many mind their “P’s & Q’s" to look their best for a one day event, when it should be the other way around.
  3. Ask yourself how a certain food or drink will make you look and feel. For better or worse? Helps tremendously! That and a mirror.
  4. In time consider seasonal detox. It’ll help what ails you, free you of cravings and keep toxic disease producing weight out and off.
  5. Key to keeping weight off is by having at least one daily bowel movement. Like babies and pets that poop shortly after. Constipation is not a disease but WILL INDEED lead to one. Diet can make or break us, while detox is a win-win.
  6. Eat healthy most hours of day and days of week.
  7. Losing weight and keeping it off is easy with self respect alone.
  8. Lastly, do inventory of your kitchen (cupboards and fridge) at least twice a year. Warmer months and colder.
Should I remember more, I will add to this list. In the meantime, CHEERS!
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The 10 Top-Rated Home Workout Essentials for a Fitter, Healthier Body

which home fitness equipment is best?


The 10 Top-Rated Home Workout Essentials for a Fitter, Healthier Body
One of the best things you can do for your body is to exercise with gym equipment. Yet, many people balk at heading to the gym out of personal fears such as embarrassment in addition to some gym memberships being quite expensive. Moreover, it’s not always fun working out and sweating in front of strangers. Not to mention, it can be a struggle to find time to get ready and then drive to a gym every day, let alone fit a workout in.
Instead, it is much more convenient to have and use your own home workout equipment. In contrast to paying for a membership, you have everything available at your convenience. Plus, you don’t have to drive to the fitness center, and you get to work out in the privacy of your own home.
To help you find the best home workout equipment, we’ve curated a list of 25 top-rated essentials, from chin-up bars to exercise balls, complete home workout gyms, and more. Ratings information is based on Amazon reviews and is current at the time of publication.

1.Ab Roller:


Current Rating: 4.3
The ab roller is one of the most popular forms of gym equipment because it is affordable, portable, and it works. Who doesn’t love the look of tight, lean abs? Now, you can finally get rid of that muffin top. Yet, standard ab crunches can quickly hurt your back. With this ab roller, you can ensure perfect form while whittling away that tummy butter.
Key Features:
  • Good for all fitness levels.
  • Portable.
  • Lightweight.

2. Odoland 3-In-1 Ab Wheel Roller Kit:



Current Rating: 4.4
The Odoland Ab Wheel Roller has 3 wheels that let you roll in any direction, on any floor surface. In addition, it comes with a resistance band to heighten the level of training. Once you feel you’ve moved up a level, just add a resistance band to improve your results. Moreover, it’s so portable, you can travel with it. With this ab roller, you’ll be ready for the summer in no time.
Key Features:
  • Includes a knee pad.
  • No-slip comfort grip.
  • Comes with travel bag.

3. Balance Ball Chair


Current Rating: 3.7
Having proper balance is essential to good health. When you have bad posture, it affects your internal organs since they feel the pressure as well. Plus, you need core strength to improve posture, too. Well, this alternative desk chair helps you do just that by simply sitting down. The Gaiam balance ball chair fits most chairs from desk chairs to dining chairs. When sitting, this balance ball helps to relieve back pain, boost energy, and align the spine. If you’re suffering from back issues, you should add this to your pain management routine.
Key Features:
  • Build a healthier back.
  • Removable balance ball.
  • Comes with air pump.

4. Best Choice Tri-fold Gym Mat


Current Rating: 4.5
When working out, it is essential to have a comfortable mat. No one wants to lie on a potentially dirty floor. Plus, the mat helps to take the pressure off the impact of cardio exercise. And, it offers soft support when performing exercises while lying down. What’s nice about this mat is it folds for portability. And, it has carrying handles for easy transport.
Key Features:
  • Puncture-resistant.
  • Carrying handles.
  • Portable.

5. Best Fitness Functional Trainer:

Current Rating: 3.7
One of the most efficient methods for losing weight and building muscle mass is through weight lifting. In fact, you need to lift weights to increase your metabolism. Well, now you can easily do so with this functional trainer. It comes with 19 vertical pulley adjustments and a 190-lb weight stack. Yet, surprisingly, it won’t take up a lot of space. In addition, it is easy to set up.
Key Features:
  • Integrated straight chinning bar.
  • Three-year frame warranty.
  • Adjustable pulleys.

6. Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym


Current Rating: 4.4
When it comes to home workout equipment, who hasn’t heard of the Bowflex? Well, the PR1000 version is the perfect model to get newbies back to exercising. For this type of equipment, it has an affordable price point that offers over 30 strength exercises. Plus, you get up to 210 pounds of resistance. Once you start using this machine, you may be surprised how quickly your body starts to shape up.
Key Features:
  • Horizontal bench.
  • Lat pull down.
  • Rowing machine rail.

7. Bowflex Xtreme


Current Rating: 4.3
Now that you are aware of the power of the Bowflex, it is time for an upgrade. If you’re ready to take your fitness to the next level, then the Bowflex Xtreme 2SE is for you. In fact, you can add up to 410 pounds of resistance. You might not need that much weight to keep your body toned and tight, but it’s nice to know you have the option. Still, it is compact enough to fit in a room or the garage. And, it features over 70 exercises to ensure you have a rockin’ body.
Key Features:
  • Compact.
  • Integrated lat tower.
  • Patented power rods.

8. Doorway Chin Up Bar


Current Rating: 3.9
If you’ve been looking for something portable that will give you a great workout, then this doorway chin up bar is the way to go. Put it on your bedroom door and get some chin ups in before breakfast. It’s fun to use, and the solid steel construction ensures it is durable. In fact, it can safely support up to 300 pounds. And, it is a great workout for your back, abs, shoulders, chest, arms, lats, triceps, and biceps.
Key Features:
  • Multiple foam grip positions.
  • Flat design.
  • Easy to install.



Current Rating: 4.0
What’s nice about this piece of gym equipment is the fact that it is so portable. All you do is snap on flex packs for extra resistance. With the leg and door attachments, you can get a full body workout. Plus, it comes with a guide that includes workouts and nutritional guidance.
Key Features:
  • Two-year warranty.
  • SpiraFlex resistance.
  • Comes with exercise DVD.

10. DynaPro Exercise Ball


Current Rating: 4.5
All home gyms need a stability ball. The DynaPro exercise ball provides 2,000 pounds of stability. Use it for balance, to gain core strength, and for yoga. It also comes with an anti-burst feature to ensure many comfortable uses. Plus, you can inflate it quickly with its accompanying hand pump. Not to mention, at under $20, you just can’t beat the price.
Key Features:
  • Work out anywhere.
  • Use for all forms of exercise.
  • Portable.

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Cure for Gas

Gas Cure


Do you suffer from excessive gassiness or flatulence? If you do, this may be the most important online discussion that you will encounter today. You see, gassiness or flatulence is actually very curable, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money trying to remedy it at all — as long as you know what is actually causing the flatulence in the first place.

Flatulence triggers are categorized as hidden triggers because often, people are unaware that their own diet and lifestyle directly cause the condition that they dislike the most.

The gas that people pass when they break wind or belch is actually produced by the body when it digests the food and beverages that you eat and drink every day. In short, the gas that you expel is a natural by-product of digestive processes.

It is normal for a person to break wind up to fourteen times per day. This is very normal, and if your own frequency falls within this range or lower, you are not flatulent at all. However, if you break wind thirty to forty times per day, then that is the time to start thinking about visiting your physician so you can be examined by a healthcare professional.

If your flatulence is accompanied by symptoms like bloody stool or extreme abdominal pain, skip the doctor’s visit – have someone drive you to an emergency room. Appendicitis and other severe conditions start with such symptoms. The presence of pain around the abdominal area is sufficient grounds for having yourself checked out in an emergency room.

Now, it is also possible that you don’t have any severe health conditions and that your flatulence is merely caused by a spastic colon or because you are swallowing air (among other possible reasons). Swallowed air is the most common cause of flatulence and is often caused by talking too fast, or because you are always rushing during mealtimes.

Try slowing things down and you will see a marked improvement in your flatulence. When a person swallows air, the only way to expel that air is through belching/burping. If you don’t burp out the air, it is going to end up in your intestines (which is much farther and deeper into the digestive tract than the stomach) and eventually, you will have to expel it through the anus. As you can see, any measure of gas or air inside the bowels will eventually find its way out.

The human body naturally produces gas when it digests the food that you eat. This is to be expected – it is a completely normal bodily process and you shouldn’t worry at all that you have some amount of gas in your belly at any one time. However, it is not normal for anyone to experience tenderness and pain during bowel movements.

These associated symptoms may mean that you need to change some aspects of your lifestyle or diet. Be prepared to make some changes based on your own analysis of your lifestyle and diet.Even using simple trial and error you will be able rid yourself of flatulence for good.

Dealing with excess gas in the stomach is never fun – especially if you don’t exactly know what to do to reduce the impact of the excess gas. In today’s discussion we will be looking at some ways that you can reduce the overall impact of gassiness so you won’t have to worry about it when you are hard at work in the office, or when you are in the midst of a lot of people (e.g., at parties and other social functions).

Note however that these guidelines are only for people who have a spastic colon and have not been formally diagnosed with other conditions like IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) or celiac disease. It’s important that you follow the dietary and lifestyle guidelines recommended by your doctor if you have been diagnosed with more severe digestive problems.

Causes of Excessive Flatulence

1. Be more watchful about what you eat. Foods like dried fruit, pizza with lots of cheese, and beans are definitely not suitable for a person who is suffering from chronic flatulence.

When food triggers flatulence, the actual cause of the gassiness is often tied to how the body digests specific components of the food that the flatulence sufferer is eating.

For example, if you frequently belch and break wind after eating anything including cheese, then it is possible that you are no longer producing sufficient amounts of the enzyme called lactase. Lactase is directly responsible for digesting the sugar called lactose, which is found in fresh milk and in all dairy products.

2. In addition to indigestible carbohydrates like fructose and lactose, you may also develop flatulence if you have a lot of insoluble fiber in your diet. Insoluble fiber comes from food items like seeds. Minimize your consumption of insoluble fiber, and stick to foods that have moderate amounts of soluble fiber instead.

3. Cut out smoking and alcohol, as these two habits have been strongly associated with digestive upset. If you need proof, just look at people who have drunk too much – they end up vomiting or passing out because their bodies are overcome with alcohol and its chemical by-products. Smokers on the other hand are more likely to suffer from chronic hyperacidity, because that is the direct effect of tobacco smoke on the digestive system. Remember that hyperacidity can cause flatulence. Gassiness is one of the first symptoms of increased acidity in the stomach.

4. Take OTC remedies like activated charcoal tablets to control the frequency of the emissions and to decrease the odor of the flatus or intestinal gas. Activated charcoal tablets are indicated for flatulence, but they may not be the best choice for people who are taking other forms of medication.

If you are taking medication for diabetes, heart problems, etc., it would be best to consult with your physician first before buying this OTC remedy, as it may interfere with the normal passage and absorption of other drugs in the stomach. The tablets won’t prevent the body from utilizing other drugs, but it’s possible that the charcoal might end up absorbing the medicine before the stomach lining has had a chance to do so.