Caffeine: how our health is affected?

Caffeine is a stimulant found in some plants, dating back to 2700 BC when the first tea in history was made. Coffee was discovered long afterward when an Ethiopian shepherd discovered that his animals became more active when they drank coffee. Today, nearly 80% of people in the world consume caffeinated beverages every day, and caffeine works by stimulating the nervous system and brain.


Caffeine: how our health is affected?


Food sources of caffeine

Caffeine is found naturally in the leaves, fruits or seeds of more than 60 plants in the world. It is also manufactured and added to certain foods, beverages, and medicines.

  • *Coffee: The medium-sized cup of ground and roasted coffee contains approximately 85 mg of caffeine.
  • *Tea: Dried tea leaves contain more caffeine than roasted and ground coffee, but when fermented, the amount of caffeine in it becomes less than the amount found in coffee. Every cup of tea contains 20-80 mg of caffeine. By its type.
  • *Chocolate: Cocoa seeds naturally contain caffeine, so anything made from these seeds contains caffeine. It is worth mentioning that the higher the concentration of cocoa in chocolate the greater the amount of caffeine in it, where 28 grams of dark chocolate, which consists of 70% cocoa Contains 20 mg of caffeine, but if the concentration of cocoa in the range of 45%, the amount of caffeine in it decreases to 11 mg.
  • *Soft drinks: One serving, or about 200 milliliters of these drinks, contains an amount of caffeine ranging between 30-60 mg, and the Food and Drug Administration pointed out that the dark color soft drinks contain the largest amount of caffeine compared to others.
  • *Energy drinks: The amount of caffeine in these drinks varies depending on the type, but it can be said that one serving or the equivalent of 200 ml of these drinks provide the body with about 75 mg of caffeine, but it should be noted that there are some energy drinks that contain Twice that amount.
  • *Protein Bars: Some of the ingredients can contain chocolate and coffee, so they may contain caffeine. A person can read the food label before buying it to see how much caffeine it contains.
  • *Sweetened dairy products: Chocolate or coffee can be added to some yogurt, ice cream, or other dairy products to give it a flavor,
  • *Other sources: There are some over-the-counter medicines that contain caffeine, and there are some types of candy, chewing gum, and other foods that can contain the amount of caffeine.

The benefits of caffeine

Caffeine provides many health benefits for the body, but it should be noted that some still need more studies to confirm and the most important benefits:

Help to lose weight: caffeinated drinks reduce appetite and desire to eat, as it stimulates the body to produce heat and energy when digesting food, but these benefits are uncertain.

Vigilance: A dose of caffeine equal to 75 mg increases attention, concentration, and alertness in humans, and increasing the dose to between 160-600 mg increases the alertness of the brain, speed of reaction, and also increases memory.

Boosting athletic performance: Experts note that caffeine increases exercise performance in endurance exercises and reduces the effort needed to do it, but these benefits have a short-term effect.

Stimulating brain function: Studies have shown that drinking coffee stimulates thinking skills and reduces mental degeneration associated with aging because coffee contains antioxidant polyphenols and contains caffeine that affects adenosine neurotransmitter receptors.

Reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease: Studies have found that people who drank coffee throughout their lifetime were less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease, and people who drank large quantities of coffee were less likely to develop Alzheimer’s.

Caffeine damage

In spite of the many benefits of caffeine, when over-consumed it produces a lot of damage.

  • *Exposure to anxiety and stress,
  • * Mood intensity. Suffering from insomnia.
  • Gastrointestinal problems such as gastroesophageal reflux disease.
  • * Suffering from nausea, diarrhea.
  • * Caffeine addiction.
  • *high blood pressure. Acceleration of the heart muscles.
  • * Feeling tired and general fatigue.
  • * frequent urination.

This is us” Chris Sullivan addresses “anger” on a fat suit

This we addressed the star Chris Sullivan some disappointment viewers from revealing that he is wearing a fat suit to shoot Toby.

This is us" Chris Sullivan addresses "anger" on a fat suit

During an interview with Megan Kelly, Sullivan was asked about the controversy over prostheses, which he has worn since the show began. "There are a lot of things that can be angry these days, and I think the anger of an actor on a TV program that may be wearing a costume that makes him bigger than it is, maybe low on the list," Sullivan said.

"If I don’t show Toby as honest or honest – if I don’t agree, I’ll be happy to talk about it. But I think that no matter what fashion I wear, especially with Toby, I try to bring as much heart and honesty as I can."

Earlier this year, actress Chris Metz of Sullivan spoke to defend Sullivan after it was revealed he was wearing a fat suit. "Chris is heavier, so I think he understands the plight of being overweight," she said. "He was also the best man for the job. And people wear prostheses all the time – it’s just weighing like a nose or chin … It’s just kind of the name of the game."

Actor “This Is Us” Chris Sullivan reveals 3 secrets of the collection

We’ll take any secret we can get to the crew “This is us” for the leak, and fortunately for us, Chris Sullivan is ready for the dish.

The actor, acting as star to Kate Pearson (played by Chrissie Metz), stopped by Meggen Kelly on Wednesday and participated in three nuggets of the "This Is It" series. (No, Jack’s death is not one of them, but we will never stop. This is us. ”Actor Chris Sullivan on the plot of twists and bond that unites the cast


Here are the three exciting stories he shared:

  • Pound Sterling. Brown, who plays Kate’s brother on Randall’s screen, can sing! "He has a wonderful baritone," Sullivan said, adding that he often hears musical music in Brown’s trailer and that the actor is not ashamed of singing "frozen" or music from Broadway’s "wicked" show.
  • Mandy Moore, who plays Rebecca Pearson’s mom, has a unique way to reach the character. “Just before you start to take it, it shakes the entire body,” Sullivan says. It sounds like a nice way to get rid of any nerves!
  • Metz, the two have a strange way of showing bonds when the cameras are not rolling. “Chrissy and I have been communicating with two southern personalities a lot of time,” Sullivan said. For no reason except we are stupid. We disagree – but we like to hear those dialects. ”

Chrissy Metz evokes the conclusion “This is home”: “There is some twisting”

Tuesday’s episode of This Huna found Pearson’s gang in Las Vegas, where Kate and Toby celebrated their impending wedding with bachelor parties. But the adventure of Sin City was not all fun, games and Magic Mike Live.

One thing viewers cannot notice is that Kate and Toby (Chris Sullivan) had very few friends to bring with them to Vegas.

"Well, they were really isolated in their relationship to self-reliance, and they went through a lot between Toby’s health and abortion," Metz said. “So it’s hard to let people get into difficulties that they may not understand.”

While many Pearson clan members ended up bickering on the trip, Kate and her brother Randall (Sterling K. Brown) shared some kind memories. This week, viewers knew that siblings were inseparable after the death of their father Jack (Milo Ventimiglia), both of whom were angry with their brother Kevin (Justin Hartley).

"I think there is a lot of resentment towards Kevin because he was absent from the fire and Jack died, which eventually attracted Randall and Kate in the end," Metz said. The experience of such a painful event had created an eternal bond. ”

As for Kate and Toby’s upcoming marriage, Metz confirmed that fans will finally meet Tepezman’s mother, who “has everything and nothing to expect”.

She also advised viewers to expect the unexpected.

There is a kind of twisting, right in the way,” she said, “because writers are geniuses.” “From alternating speakers: optimistic and happy, through venting is very important.”

Chris Metz, an Emmy-nominated actress who plays Kate Pearson, opened the emotional episode to Entertainment Weekly – and gave a big hint of “twisting” at the upcoming wedding finale in the second season.

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